KITAL International Investments LTD.

Kital International Investments Ltd. is an international holding and investments group. The Group has been active for decades in Israel and abroad and is highly experienced in the fields of real estate, hospitality, retail, services and industry, as well as medical technologies. Under the leadership of its chairman and controlling shareholder, Mr. Levi Kushnir, Kital and the Kushnir group of companies have performed many successful turnarounds of companies in various locations and fields of industry.

Vision and Strategy
Kital`s vision is to enable Better Living for people, through the founding, acquisition, turnaround and management of life improving technologies, products and services, in ventures worldwide. It strives to support and develop life-transforming and bettering ideas and operations and to add value to such businesses through innovative leadership, multi-faceted management expertise, strategic rehabilitation and financial turnaround. It places great value on innovation, excellence in service, leadership, transparency, enjoyment, commitment to the community, and, simply, putting things right...Read More